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Horse Trailer Options:

Top Light Bar

These are standard on 7'-6" wide trailers and they are optional on all other trailers. The clear lights are back up lights. These are available in regular bulb or LED Bulbs. The clearance lights shown is always LED.

Interior Cross Gates

Look at the steel in this cross gate! Not like some competitors cutting a few pieces here and there. This door is built right! Cross gates are available on any 4' interval, other spots too for an up-charge.

Wood Floor

Standard feature of all Gooseneck Trailers. The wood is pressure treated for many years of service. We do also offer rubber mats which lay in the trailer on the wood floor.

Screwed Down Flooring

All Gooseneck floors are screwed down to the frame using self tapping screws. This is much different from most manufacturers which have a "floating" wood floor. Quality doesn't cost....It pays

Cleated Rubber Floor

This is the best floor money can buy for a cattle trailer. It is solid rubber planks, 2" thick with 1/2" cleats on top. The manure can easily be washed through the cracks in the bottom. Never replace this!!!

Flat Rubber Floor

If you are hauling horses, you may want a flat rubber floor, This is the same quality but it only has small ripples in the floor rather than cleats. It is screwed down and is easy to wash out through the bottom.

Split Tail Gate - Steel

This is the standard tailgate on all Gooseneck steel trailers. It is tested and true. Offers two down latches and one cross latch for secure transport. The gates will swing in or out and operate independent of each other..

Split Tail Gate - Alum (Bull Gate)

All aluminum trailers carry the strongest gates built. They are BULL gates. Notice the two cross latches with two down latches. Extra cross members are also built in. These are available on steel trailers also.

Slide / Swing Tailgates

All trailers are available with a slide/swing tail gate. It is super secure. The entire door will swing open against your loading chute or you can just slide the left door open and load straight from your catch gate.

Solid Smooth Tailgate

We will add an image of this option soon..

4 - 1 x 3 Tube Sides

We really like the 1 x 3 tube sides. It is very easy to wash and keep clean with no place for manure to build up. This arrangement is available in 4 to 7 tube sides from the bottom.

Pipe Sides

If you are in a high heat or a high humidity area, you may want a trailer with all pipe sides. This is shown. All pipe from the fender to the top.

Punch Panel

Haul like the "Big Boys" with punch panel. It is available in steel or aluminum. It is the ultimate protection to keep manure and debris from the roadway or other vehicles when hauling.

Straight Nose

This picture shows a 4' straight nose. The color matches the remainder of the trailer. It is available in 6' and would extend out over the coupler.

Tapered Nose

The tapered nose follows the contour of the hitch. It makes the front into a bullet and is very aero-dynamic. Also available in 4' or 6' lengths, aluminum or steel.

Sloped & Tapered Nose

This is the best of both worlds!! Here is the sloped down nose with the taper which follows the contour of the neck. If you want to look GOOD and cut fuel costs, this is your nose.

3 plank sides

This is the 3 - plank sides. It is standard. It is available is steel or aluminum. You can also choose to make any arrangement of the planks including 5 plank solid sides.

Sloped Nose

This picture is a 4' sloped nose. It is shown in aluminum but is the same in steel. This one is shown with red trim. Black is the most common. A sloped nose is available in 4' or 6'.

Half Escape Door

For Human protection as a way to escape the trailer if needed, add a half escape door. It leaves the full brush fender in place. A step is provide under the fender.

Escape Door Options:

Dressing Rooms

We offer any size dressing room above 4 foot on a slant or straight. On a slant. It gives you an exterior door. You can add the straight nose, bus windows, air conditioner mount, and so much more.

Dome Lights

Hauling and loading or unloading at night is so much easier with a dome light in the trailer. It comes with an exterior switch and you can add as many as you want on the inside on the same switch.

Lighting Options:

Tail Gate Options:

Side Options:

5 plank solid sides

Whether hauling in the cool of the winter or you just want to keep the contents of the trailer inside, the 5 plank solid sides may be the option for you.

Nose Options:

5 - 1 x 3 Tube Sides

We wanted to show another example of the tube sides showing five tubes mounted on a steel trailer. Notice they are welded on the outside of the trailer.

More Horse Features

Just a picture showing some of the equipment and storage added for a show trailer. Slant stalls and rear tack rooms are available.

Solid Smooth Sides

Image coming soon!

Steel Full Escape Door

A Full escape door on a steel trailer. A lot of people would like to haul the horse at the front or be able to put the generator, etc in the trailer if going to a stock show. We can fix you up with a full escape door.

Plexi - Glass Sides

The options are endless. We will have an image of plexi-glass sides coming soon.

Aluminum Full Escape Door

The same as the steel escape door but built stronger and heavier,

Side Turn Signals

If your trailer is over 28', we need to install side turn signals. Those folks passing need to see where you are wanting to go. That way they will speed up or slow down rather than driving over there looking at the cows.

Floor Options:

Saddle Racks

Saddle Racks, Tack Hooks, Brush Trays, Blanket Bars, Clothes Racks, and so much More. It is all available. You name it and we will get it in there.

LED Tail Lights

If you buy a trailer from me, I want to put LED tail lights on it. They are awesome at night and the law man will not need to write a ticket for blown tail lights. I am just keeping you out of trouble!!

Gooseneck Stock Trailer Features
Split - Solid Nose Doors

If you are not adding a dressing room, we offer these doors on the nose where you can put hay or equipment for your horses or livestock. If you show livestock, we can help.