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3 Year Warranty

Torque Tube

All trailers over 24 foot get a torque tube. This keeps the trailer from twisting and warping over the life. Strong, quality built, American framing. Built to last!

Flatbed Trailer Features & Options:
Center Pop Up - Raised

The center pop up makes the whole trailer available for use. It is very economical option shown here raised and lay the ramps down to add 5' of flat space to your trailer.

Center Pop Up - Down

Remove one clip and lay the spring loaded pop up down, drive the tractor right on and take off.

Stake Sides

Not only do you get tube sides the entire perimeter of the trailer, you get the heavy duty rub rails and stake sides. It also has a bumper block in between to keep the rail straight.

Third Ramp

This picture shows a third ramp in the center for loading a forklift or antique tractor.

Stand Up Ramps

I like this option for hauling hay. The bars are secured at the top and bottom with a pin and clip.


All the ramps have stabilizers on them. You can flip them up or down. This will hold rolls of hay on a flat deck and you can load the trailer without being hooked to the truck .

Side Step

With our trailers, you get a side step on both sides of the deck. It also has a cleated bar at the bottom fro safety.

2 - 5' Ramps (Standard)

Shown here are two ramps with an optional center pop up in the middle. The ramps are 5'. Six foot ramps are optional also.

10K Dexter Oil Bath Axles

This is the real deal. Dexter Oil Bath Axles with 235 80 R 16 Tires. The axles are available in 12K or 15K. They are 48" spread axles on all trailers.

2 - 12K Jacks

All the trailers come with two spring loaded single speed jacks. Options include 2-speed jacks, hydraulic jacks, and more. We certainly recommend the 2 speed handle.

Low Profile Options:

Hydraulic Dovetail Options:

Center Pop Up Options:                                          Jacks:

12" - 19 lb / ft I-Beam

12" I-Beams are NOT created equal. These are all 19 lbs/ft I-Beams with outriggers welded to the side and channel cross members between the beams.


Ramp Options:

Remote Control

This option allows you to be at the hydra-sled to  see what you are doing or moving product around rather than pull levers, get you some electric buttons.

Locking Tool Box

Its Standard - Not an option. Locking tool box for your chains and binders along with jacks and wrenches. Keep them on the trailer where you need them.

LED Lights

Make a statement on the highways at night with LED Lights. Plus don't worry about one bulb blowing and getting a ticket. Notice the Tubing bumper -- Don't push out your lights with other trailers.

Side Turn Signals

All the flatbed trailers come with side turn signals. Not an option, it is standard. These are multi-purpose lights for running, breaking and turning.

Lighting Options:

5" Lower Deck

The Low Pro option lowers the floor 5" buy running the cross members through the I-Beams. You then get a steel plate over the tires. Same weights and capacity, just lower to the ground

Load Without A Truck

This is a low pro trailer with stabilizer ramps. No truck, no problem...you can load and be ready when the truck comes.

Original Hydra-Sled

Not a reproduction, its the original. Pull the lever, set the tail down, load the equipment very safely, raise the deck up and take off.

Side View - Hydra-Sled

Heavy Duty all the way around. It will tote the load after you raise the deck, add you additional product on the rear of the trailer. The ultimate paver special trailer for folks without a lowboy trailer.

Side Handle

There is a handle above the step on both sides of the trailer. It is added into the brace at the floor-hitch connection.

Spare Tire

A spare tire and wheel is an option but don't forget to get you one now rather than down the road.

Break Away Controler

All of our trailers have a real break away controller. If the trailer comes loose from the truck, stop it. Don't let it get away.